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Suggestions for the owners to be decorated

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If you are preparing to decorate your new house, your wife is pregnant or planning to get pregnant, please use water-based wood paint for your family or offspring.

If there are teenagers under 18 years old, especially children, after your home is decorated, please use water-based wood paint for his (her) healthy growth.

If you have old people or weak physique, or skin allergy, for their health, please use water-based paint.

Because oily polyester paint contains benzene, toluene, xylene and halogenated hydrocarbon and other harmful solvents, the volatilization of toxic and harmful gas substances has a relatively long process, especially living in the bedroom, breathing is not the fresh air, but the inhalation of toxic and harmful gas, light dizziness, dizziness, skin itching, throat abnormalities, serious respiratory system, lung infection, liver Disease, may also cause leukemia and so on. According to experts from China Polyurethane Industry Association and Waterborne Polyurethane Industry Association, more than 2 million people are infected by indoor pollution in China every year, while 111000 people die, about 304 people a day.

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