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How to use paint healthily, safely and environmentally friendly?

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1. Wear eye protection and mask

Please wear appropriate eye protection when painting to avoid the paint splashing into the eyes and causing damage to the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately. In addition, wear a mask when polishing the wall, otherwise it is easy to inhale the powder produced when polishing the wall.

2. Keep away from fire

Paint is flammable, must be stored away from the fire, and avoid paint in high temperature or direct sunlight. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the place where the paint is stored and during construction. In case of fire, please do not use water to put out the fire by yourself, and ask the fireman for help immediately.

3. Keep the air in circulation

Do not sniff the paint. When painting, try to open the windows and doors to maintain air circulation. Especially when using oily paint (such as wood decoration paint), keeping the air circulation can reduce the odor of organic solvents, and also reduce the inhalation of harmful organic solvents.

4. Be careful to avoid electric shock

When painting, in order to brush the wall covered by the panel, the panel of switch and power switch must be loosened. However, before releasing the switch and power switch panel, the power supply must be cut off to prevent electric shock.

5. Keep away from children and animals

Taking paint by mistake can cause harm to the body. Therefore, the paint should be placed out of the reach of children and animals, and the lid should be sealed. If taken by mistake, seek medical advice immediately.

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