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Preparation before painting

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Before painting, the following preparation can be done to make your painting work twice the result with half the effort.

1. Plan the work order and details in advance, such as the room to be painted, the color used, the quantity of paint, the sequence of painting, etc.

2. Prepare necessary tools and paint, such as folding ladder.

3. Wear the right clothes: choose old clothes that are not too bad even if they are stained with paint. If the clothes are stained with paint, they should be cleaned with clean water immediately, because the paint will be more difficult to clean after air drying.

4. Before cleaning the old paint and painting, all doors and windows should be opened as far as possible to ensure a good ventilation environment.

5. If wearing glasses or goggles, use cellophane tape to protect the lens.

6. Move and cover the furniture: concentrate the furniture in the middle of the room, cover it with plastic film or old newspaper, and fix it with adhesive tape. Remove the ornaments on the wall, or tape the edges. The floor / carpet can be covered with plastic film or old newspaper. Remember to remove the curtains to avoid contamination.

7. Release the panel of the switch and power switch to paint the wall covered by the panel. Before releasing the switch and power switch panel, the power supply must be cut off to avoid electric shock.

8. Remove wax accumulated on the surface to be brushed, so as not to affect the adhesion of the paint.

9. Prepare a new brush tool: before use, gently rub the wool brush to remove the loose broom. If using a roller, use adhesive tape to gently remove the loose bristles.

10. Fully mix the paint: to reduce the chance of slight color difference, when using more than one pot of paint of the same color, pour the paint into a larger container and mix it fully. For best results, the paint in the can can can be thoroughly stirred with a clean flat stick.

11. Before painting, read the instructions printed on the paint can and make sure all necessary preparations have been completed.

12. If you need to paste wallpaper, you should finish all the painting work and wait until the paint is completely dry.

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