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Development and market trend of multifunctional coatings

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Due to the problems of China's coating technology and production process, it is difficult to get rid of all kinds of pollutants. The new paint on the building wall is soon polluted by dust, rust and other dirt; at the same time, it is affected by ultraviolet radiation, and the fading aging phenomenon after two or three years can only be repainted. However, due to indoor formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other decoration pollution, the newly decorated house can only be used in the daytime, and can be used at night. Even after one or two years, the pungent smell in the room is difficult to disperse, which seriously affects people's health. Is there a coating that can solve the problem of dirt and air pollution

The killer of clean environment -- dirty pollution

1. The outdoor coatings are seriously polluted by water erosion, oil pollution, acid rain, moss, rust stains, etc;

2. The accelerated aging and fading phenomenon of outdoor coatings caused by ultraviolet radiation is serious;

3. The cracking, peeling, peeling, graffiti and small advertisement of indoor and outdoor coatings are serious due to various natural and human factors;

4. The pollution of indoor paint is serious because of the oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, beverage, ink, graffiti and paste in the daily life and dining table;

Analysis on the development trend of coatings market

5. The indoor and outdoor environment is seriously polluted by various kinds of dirt. Even if the indoor and outdoor environment is cleaned every day, it looks dirty and old after two or three years. The original noble and gorgeous decoration can only be repainted and replaced. Repeated painting leads to a substantial increase in maintenance costs

The killer of human health -- air pollution

1. indoor environment after newly decorated, accumulating a large amount of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and radon, which is harmful to human health, especially the elderly, children and pregnant women, has a great impact on the health of people, leading to the increasing incidence rate of leukemia, infertility, cancer and so on, resulting in frequent family tragedies caused by decoration.

2. Benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful gases exist in the rooms decorated with building materials, boards, paints, coatings, viscose, wallpaper, carpet, furniture, sofa, wall cabinet, etc. The release period of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in decoration materials is 3-10 years. Therefore, once the house is decorated, invisible killers are always destroying the lives of their families!

In particular, some people are susceptible to infection in the air, especially in the crowded environment. Some common diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, such as influenza, pneumonia, measles, tuberculosis and other respiratory infectious diseases, will spread indoors with the help of air. Without precaution, these viruses and bacteria are threatening our health and even our lives all the time

According to the above situation, authoritative experts analysis, environmental protection and energy saving multi-functional new coatings will have greater development space. Experts pointed out that the future development direction of coatings should first be in the aspect of environmental protection. It is not only safe and harmless, but also has strong anti pollution and self-cleaning function. It can effectively remove indoor decoration pollution, reduce the threat of environmental pollution to people's physical and mental health, and walk out of the new idea of coating market.

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