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"Fourteen questions" of latex paint

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"Thirty years of Hedong and thirty years of Hexi", the newspaper which was once dilapidated on the wall has already become clean and tidy. Paint products and wallpaper products have become decorative materials that every household will use. Because of this, coatings and wallpaper have become two enemies, each striving to seize the wall decoration market!

Can the continuous new actions of wallpaper industry overwhelm the paint market?

Just yesterday, the wallpaper and wall cloth branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association officially released two latest industry standards - "non woven wallpaper standard for building decoration JG / t509-2016" and "textile wall paper (cloth) standard JG / t510-2016", which will be implemented in the whole industry from June 1, this year. Zhang Zhihong, President of wallpapers and wallcoverings branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association, said in an interview with reporters in Beijing on the 26th that the introduction and implementation of the two new standards are expected to bid farewell to the incomplete product standards and low industry standards in the industry, further standardize and improve the quality of wallpapers and wallcovering products, and provide important information for manufacturers' production, product circulation and consumers' judgment of product quality It should be based on.

The implementation of these two standards will be a new opportunity and challenge for the development of wallpaper industry!

Paint is what I want, and wallpaper is what I want. What should I do? No matter which product wants to seize the market, it still depends on the consumers. Today, Xiaobian is setting up a challenge here to compare the two from the aspects of practicability, aesthetics and price to see whether they can win or lose.

1. Practical PK

Environmental protection:

As long as the coating products are produced by regular manufacturers, they generally meet the national standards, but meeting the standards does not mean no pollution. There will be some formaldehyde, heavy metal and other pollution in the coatings. The printing of wallpaper itself will also contain heavy metals. If you use glue on the wall, there will be no formaldehyde and no glue. In the eyes of competitors, the other party is always worthless. In order to avoid meaningless scolding, this round of truce is suspended.


Generally, the surface of paint is flat, not easy to hang ash, and in the case of not serious dirty can be wiped off with rubber or cloth. But wallpaper is generally made of paper, PVC or non-woven fabric, and accompanied by printing, which is very easy to hide dirt and easy to penetrate. Therefore, in this link, the coating is better than others.


Coatings now pay more attention to functionality, such as air purification, sterilization, anti mildew and anti-corrosion functions. High end wallpaper has the function of waterproof and fireproof, but it is easy to mould and delamination when the wall is damp. And the coating can be integrated. However, wallpaper is usually spliced on the wall, there will be seams, very easy to edge warping. So from the point of view of finishing, this coating is a success.

2. Aesthetics PK

When it comes to beauty, it involves personal preferences. Some people like the colorful and magnificent wall decoration. Some people like the traditional wall. However, the biggest feature of wallpaper is its beauty, can have a variety of colors and patterns, and can customize the desired pattern. But at present, the paint is still relatively simple, although art coating is popular in recent years, but the beauty of wallpaper is still incomparable.

3. Price PK

Price is the problem that must be considered when decorating. Do you have money and willfulness? Don't tease. High cost performance is the king these days. Still struggling to choose paint or wallpaper. Let's settle the accounts together. At present, there are more than 200-1000 common coatings on the market, but additional construction cost is needed. And wallpaper is sold by roll, generally from dozens to hundreds, also need additional construction costs.

In this round of price comparison, the two players are equal in strength and almost equal in strength, but the winner is the one who laughs to the end.

"You can't have both fish and bear's paws". The choice of materials for home decoration is the same as "blind date". You have to think carefully before you make a decision. However, it's not necessary to have both fish and bear's paws, and use wallpaper and paint alternately. However, Xiaobian believes that "true love" is more common.

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