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Color paste manufacturers tell you about the application of water-based color paste!

Color paste, as the name suggests, is a kind of concentrated pigment paste, which is developed by using different pigments, through the technology of surface treatment and surface wrapping of pigments, and through strict processing technology. According to the different solvents used in the color paste, the color paste can be divided into water-based color paste, oil-based color paste, water-based universal color paste, etc. with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the relevant national policies and regulations on environmental protection, the application of water-based color paste is expanding. Next, let's learn about the application field of waterborne color paste together with Xiaobian!

1. Construction industry

Architectural coating is a kind of coatings in the total use of the largest proportion, and can even be used to measure the level of economic development of a country. According to statistics, in developed countries, the use of architectural coatings has reached 50%, while developing countries obviously can not achieve this proportion. In recent years, the rapid development of China's construction industry, the real estate industry hot, water-based coatings have been more and more widely used.

2. Automobile industry

The amount of water-based color paste in automobile industry is second only to construction industry, but it is a kind of fast developing and high performance variety. The traditional vehicle jet type usually uses oil-based color paste, which is easy to cause pollution to the environment. Water based color paste is not only more environmentally friendly, can reduce air pollution, but also has excellent characteristics of light and heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, temperature difference resistance. With the popularization of environmental protection concept, waterborne automotive coatings will have more market space.

3. Leather

Water based color paste for leather coating is also a very common one. It can not only increase the luster of leather material, make its color more uniform, greatly improve its aesthetics, but also form a protective layer with water resistance, heat resistance and strong toughness, making it more durable.

4. Furniture

The water-based color paste for furniture is a kind of paint that we often contact in our daily life. It refers to the coating on the surface of various furniture to beautify and protect the furniture. The water-based color paste used in furniture often has a delicate and transparent coloring effect, which can not only retain the original pattern of wood, but also make it more soft and bright. In order to achieve different effects, we can choose water-based rubbing coloring, spraying coloring, roller coating coloring and dip coating coloring.

In addition to the construction, automotive, home and leather industry, water-based color paste can also be used in rubber latex products, printing, and even aerospace and other fields. With the further development of these industries, water-based color paste has penetrated into every aspect of people's life. In the face of such a huge demand, in addition to the deepening of the research and development of water-based color paste, the variety is constantly improving, and the performance is also constantly improving, which has gradually become the future development trend of the coating industry.

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