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What about the color paste?

To understand this problem, first understand the composition of water-based color paste. Water based color paste can be divided into textile color paste, latex paint color paste for coating, latex product color paste, paper color paste, leather color paste and so on. Most pastes consist of pigments, dispersants, surfactants, bactericides, water, etc.

Which ingredients are harmful to human body?

1. Heavy metals, all pigments contain heavy metals, especially some chromium series pigments contain carcinogenic hexavalent chromium. According to the epidemiological investigation and animal experiment of medical experts, hexavalent chromium has carcinogenic effect. There are also some inorganic pigments heavy metal exceeding the standard.

2. APEO, which is the abbreviation of alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether compounds, is widely used in surfactants. APEO is a kind of estrogen like chemical substance that can harm the normal hormone secretion of human body, which is called "female effect" and distortion.

3. Azo, also known as azo, widely exists in various dyes, pigments, resins and catalysts. Under special conditions, azo can be decomposed into more than 20 carcinogenic aromatic amines.

4. PAHs, also known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), are mainly composed of naphthalene, acenaphthene, acenaphthene, fluorene, phenanthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene, pyrene, benzo (a) anthracene, Qu, benzo (b) fluoranthene, benzo (k) fluoranthene, benzo (a) pyrene, Indeno (1,2,3-cd) pyrene, dibenzo (a, H) anthracene and benzo (g, h, I) perylene, 1-methylnai and 2-methylnaide.

Harm of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: strong carcinogens, damage to reproductive system, easy to lead to skin cancer, lung cancer, upper gastrointestinal cancer, arteriosclerosis, infertility.

5. Formaldehyde, widely exists in various dyes, pigments, resins, catalysts. On October 27, 2017, formaldehyde was added to the list of carcinogens published by the international agency for research on cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (who).

Why should small color paste choose brand manufacturer?

1. For the quality control of raw materials, the scale enterprise is far better than the workshop type

2. There is also a big gap in the understanding of water-based color paste knowledge and staff training.

3. After strict quality control and reasonable formula matching, the color paste can be as friendly as possible and environmentally friendly.

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