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What are the skills of color matching of wood lacquer?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are high requirements on the living decoration of home, especially for the choice of paint. Then the problem comes. Do you know how to adjust the color of wood lacquer? What are the skills?

1. Grinding adjustment

The sanding adjustment of waterborne wood paint is very important for the whole construction. Just like transparent putty and transparent primer, good sanding is necessary. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of water-based wood coatings, the better the burnability; the longer the drying time, the better the burnability. At the same time, the burnability can be improved by adjusting the formula or using some well dispersed slurry.

2. Adjustment of drying speed

Drying speed is a key factor in the construction of waterborne wood coatings factory. Because the operation of the factory should be more compact, after coating can not wait so long, so the drying speed of paint can directly affect the production efficiency of the factory. In order to replace oil-based paint, water-borne wood paint must increase the drying speed. There are two kinds of film-forming additives in the formula: one is ethylene glycol butyl ether and dipropylene glycol butyl ether, and the other is propylene glycol butyl ether and dipropylene glycol methyl ether. By properly adjusting the proportion of the two film forming additives, the drying speed and the total amount of film-forming additives can be adjusted.

3. Balance of leveling and sagging

The next step in the production of waterborne wood coatings is viscosity adjustment, which is called rheological properties in the technical term of viscosity. A good waterborne wood paint should have good leveling property and good anti sagging property. The improvement of leveling can reduce unnecessary waste, on the other hand, it can greatly improve the handle and luster of paint film. If the viscosity is not enough, it will cause sagging. If the viscosity is too high, the leveling property will be affected. Therefore, in order to maintain the balance between leveling and sagging, polyurethane thickeners are generally used, which will not affect the water resistance, but also improve the viscosity and leveling property.

What are the skills of wood lacquer color matching?

1. The color matching should be careful. Generally, the sample should be tested first, and the quantity of the color matching coating should be initially obtained, and then the large sample can be prepared according to the sample results. First, adjust the secondary color and secondary color separately in the small container.

2. First add the main color (the color with large amount and low coloring power), and then add the dark color (or color matching) with high dyeing power slowly and intermittently, and constantly stir to observe the change of color at any time.

3. "From shallow to deep", especially when adding pigment with strong coloring power, avoid excessive.

4. In color matching, there will be subtle differences between the paint and the dry film. The color of all kinds of coatings is generally lighter when the film is wet, and the color is deepened after the coating is dried. Therefore, if the sample is a dry sample, the color matching paint needs to wait until it is dry before color measurement and comparison; if the sample is a wet sample, you can drop a drop of the sample in the color matching paint to observe whether the two colors are the same.

5. The floating degree of primary color in the multicolor paint and the change of paint material should be known in advance. It is amino coating and perchloroethylene coating, which should be paid more attention to.

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