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Talking about the application of water-based color paste

The production of color is the result of the interaction between human visual senses and brain recognition. In this "chemical reaction" where one plus one is not equal to two, the resulting product has become the most beautiful "joke" in human life. Imagine that maybe as early as 10,000 years ago, our human ancestors accidentally stepped on a berry that could have been used as food. The color burst from the berry stimulated the vision of our ancestors. After a short silence (for the loss of food), our ancestors looked at the bright colors on each other's body, and laughed at each other. From that period, humans began to paint these colors in various places, such as caves, murals, pottery, wood lacquer, and even their bodies. While humans are perfecting the shape of colors, they are looking for more newer and more beautiful colors. Today, human eyes can distinguish more than 300,000 colors-this may be regarded as an evolution! Not in line with Darwin's evolution of survival of the fittest, everything is just for a kind of evolution of beauty.

Nowadays, colors must have strong colors and high dispersibility. In addition, according to different uses, they also need to have colorfastness, thermal stability, weather resistance and chemical resistance. At the same time, they must be non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easy to use on special occasions. The refinement and specialization of color paste is an inevitable trend. The surface decoration of some buildings, daily necessities, toys, etc., or color the whole body, use color paste, or change the material itself, to provide a variety of color options. Around us, without exception, the coloring paste is wrapped. Human beings today can be said to be living in a world full of colors.

 With the rapid development of China's economy, the rapid development of various industries, including hotels, commerce, landscape, transportation and other fields, have greatly entered the development scope of the color paste market. With the development of the market trending towards high efficiency and low carbon, as an important branch of the coating industry-water-based color pastes-soon became the darling of the color paste industry. In the coatings, furniture, home appliances, building materials, leather, printing, latex, textile and other industries, it has rapidly grown into the mainstream of market consumption. The following are the specific applications of water-based colorants in various fields:

Construction: light resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance.

Architectural coatings are the largest type of coatings. It is generally believed that the consumption of coatings can be used to measure the level of international economic development. Architectural coatings are the most widely used water-based colorants and have formed their own systems. With the development of the construction industry and people's demand for diversified and personalized architectural coating colors, such products are developing rapidly.

Automobile: light resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, friction resistance, temperature difference resistance.

Automotive coatings are the fastest-growing paint variety, the amount is second only to architectural coatings, ranking second, and it is also one of the paint varieties with the highest performance requirements, especially for automotive coatings. Therefore, automotive coating materials often represent the highest level and development of the contemporary coating industry.

In the domestic automobile industry, traditional oil-based color pastes are commonly used in vehicle paint. The oil-based color pastes contain more organic substances. These organic substances volatilize into the air and easily cause air pollution. Compared with traditional oil-based color pastes, water-based color pastes are a new type of high-end environmentally friendly color paste. According to the calculations of professional institutions, taking a workshop that mixes 4 liters of base paint per week as an example, the use of water-based color pastes can reduce 115 per year. The emission of kilograms of VOC is equivalent to the annual exhaust emissions of more than 100 vehicles.

With the continuous growth of China's automobile market, whether it is from the perspective of new car paint or old car maintenance, China's automotive coatings industry will have a huge market space. With the continuous advancement of the concept of low-carbon environmental protection in the whole society, water-based cars Coatings may become an inevitable trend in the future development of the automotive coatings industry.

Aviation: light resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and quenching resistance, adapt to supersonic flight, space technology requires high temperature resistance of several thousand degrees Celsius, resistance to cosmic ray radiation.

Readers who love to watch American blockbusters must remember that in "Iron Man", after Iron Man flew high in the sky with his improved steel suit, the temperature dropped and the body was frozen! And this is just one of the many problems faced by water-based colorants in aviation applications.

Furniture coating: refers to the coating on the surface of the furniture to form a layer of coating film, which is to beautify the furniture and also play a role in protecting the furniture. Such as transparent iron oxide color paste, transparent iron oxide has a primary particle size of about 100nm, which causes light to diffract. When it is dispersed in a medium to form a continuous film layer, it has a transparent coloring effect. The chemical structure of transparent iron oxide pigments determines its high light resistance and weather resistance. And because of the extremely fine primary particle size, the ability to absorb and shield ultraviolet light is increased. Transparent iron oxide is used for transparent coloring of furniture, etc., which can retain the original pattern of wood, and its light resistance keeps the color of furniture unchanged for a long time.

Leather color paste: increase the appearance, smooth, shiny, uniform color and non-fading after coating, which determines the grade of the leather; improve durability, and form a protective layer on the leather after coating. It is heat-resistant, cold-resistant, water-resistant, and organic solvent resistant , Resistant to dry and wet rubbing, strong toughness, no cracking, and will not affect the texture of the leather surface after transfer; correct the defects of the leather surface; increase the variety of colors: leather of various colors; improve the quality of the leather. Long and curved. Different leathers have different requirements. For example, the elongation rate of shoe upper leather is less than that of clothing leather, and the elongation rate of leather and coating also have different requirements. Generally, the elongation rate of the coating is less than the value of leather. The elongation of general shoe upper leather is 30%, and the elongation of coating is 30%; the elongation of garment leather is 40-50%, and the elongation of coating is 40-50%. Because when the coating is less than the elongation of the leather, when the leather is stretched, the color of the coating becomes lighter, usually astigmatism. In severe cases, the coating will be broken.

These color paste coatings are not so much to protect and decorate the places where we work and live, and the products we use daily, but to let us enjoy a comfortable and efficient life more easily and happily. Water-based colorants are far more than just painting a colorful wall. Its application makes our lives more exciting and full of magic.

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